Updated 9/20/14

Hi Y'all,

     I guess if you're here, you want to know a bit about me, huh? Not much to tell, actually. I'm just your normal working stiff trying to figure out shit before my time is done. I've been on two wheels since I was about 7 and had my first crash shortly thereafter. I've been riding on the road for about 30 years now (with a few crashes along the way). This webpage isn't much, but it's my way to "white trash up" the internet a bit. =) Nothing on this site costs viewers money, nor will it ever. There's some good "biker-type" websites out on the web, but way too many use motorcycling as a way to get people in and then separate them from their money. This is my contribution to all of the great people I have met within our biker "community"... Kind've a way to give back a bit, I guess.

     I've been into "organized" motorcycling in the Metro St. Louis area since 1992... I served as my local ABATE Chapter's President for five years and in a bunch of different positions for another five or so. I'm a Life Member and Sr. Vice Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Caseyville Memorial Post 1117, earned a patch as a member of the VFW Vander Clute Riders, Illinois and currently serve as the group's Chairman.

   In my "real life", I'm a 5/6th grade special education teacher in Alton, IL serving kiddos with severe behavior disorders. Always been drawn to the "darker" side of life, so becoming a teacher for kids with behavior disorders after hooking up with Uncle Sam's traveling road show (Army) was a pretty natural transition, I guess.

    I'm married to a great woman and while we don't have kids, we DO have a house full of cats and a hungry python to keep us company. I hope you like this site and please don't hesitate to give me a holler if you would like to add anything, find something weird or wonky, or just to say "Hi". Respects 'n take care out there.  ~ Squirts