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October 2010

'75 Yamaha XS 500 Bobber



October's bobber is a true "eBay find"! I gather pix and specs of cool bobbers locally and from all over the internet and when I came across this cool li'l bobjob, I KNEW this was October's "Bobber of the Month" candidate. This scoot has all of the vintage touches you would expect in a custom bobber and best of all, it can be YOURS! Built by "Vintage Customs" out of Orange City, Florida. Zap yourself to the "Vintage Customs" website for other cool bobbers being built for sale.
 Stock Yamaha XS 500. The block and heads have been cleaned up and the jugs have been painted with a matte black high-temp paint. The top cover and side cases have been polished to a high shine. The exhaust is custom built using 1.5" pipe which narrows down into a 2-1 collector and is finished off with a stainless trumpet tip. The pipes have been wrapped so you dont burn your leg! There is a custom intake for the carbs that exits with a stainless tip.
Frame is mostly stock. The rear has been modified with a style that is purely Vintage Customs, using all of the stock frame reworked into a sprung-bobber style. The shocks are brand new. The frame has been painted with a single-stage metallic Graphite color.Forks have been shaved down and polished. The brackets for the front brake have been left in place.  The handlebars are custom made. Many of the other items such as the headlight, tail light, seat & grips are new items.

The tank is a vintage '68 Honda 175 tank. Rear fender is an old
nickle plated BSA fender that is unmodified.

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If you would like YOUR bobber or short chop to be featured, zap me at least three good pix (more is better), any specs, and the story about the build.

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