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2008 TGS Motorcycles Custom Fabrication


Ya' know, I've been ridin' motorcycles for a fair amount of time now, and it really takes somethin' special to get my attention anymore. Case in point: The "Zeppster" ice racer! When I spotted this creation on the net, I was just BLOWN AWAY with the attention to detail and outstanding fabrication work Tobias Guckel, owner of TGS Motorcycles in Germany, has shown with this creation. Some may argue that this isn't a "true" bobber, and I guess they could make tha' point, but it has all of the elements of a bobber, albeit outfitted for tha' ICE. ENJOY!


Bike Year / Model 2008

Engine Make / Size S&S 93 ci Shovel

Transmission Type S&S 6-speed

Frame Make / Type TGS Motorcycles/"carrera" rigid

Front End TGS Motorcycles: single arm Rake 45°

Wheels - Front TGS Motorcycles 4,5x18 Wheels - Rear TGS Motorcycles 5,5x18

Tires - Front MEZ 150/70 18 Tires - Rear MEZ 150/70 18

Brakes - Front TGS 11,5" Brakes - Rear TGS mini brake

Painter Marcus Pfeil  

If you would like YOUR bobber or short chop to be featured, zap me at least three good pix (more is better), any specs, and the story about the build.

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