picture by squirtsdawgamber

~October 2011~

2006 Yamaha V-Star 650

     I've featured the "V-Star" line of Yamaha bob jobs in this forum before. I guess what draws me back to this model of bike is its versatility and overall good looks. Rarely do we get a chance to view the same bike in a different color scheme, which makes this month's pick kinda' cool. I scavenged pix of this bike in brown and silver, which shows what a difference a li'l paint and some pinstriping can do for a bike's look. I prefer tha' silver, but tha' brown is cool, too. Respects 'n take care out there. 

If you would like YOUR bobber or short chop to be featured, zap me at least three good pix (more is better), any specs, and the story about the build.

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